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My Recipes
HEARTFUL DELIGHTBy Breville PHNo doubt that the healthiest juices are the ones that contain greens. Green leafy vegetables contain the most vitamins and nutrients, and you’ll feel almost instantly better after drinking a green juice.
Tropical CoolerBy Breville PHFruits and vegetables have a natural cooling effect, but when mixed into a glass of juice, it will leave you feeling fresh all day.
THE REVITALIZERBy Breville PHYour body needs to rejuvenate daily, and drinking a glass of the revitalizer everyday will definitely boost your whole system.
Green ElixirBy Breville PHHelp your body undergo a natural restoration by drinking a refreshingly healthy green juice.
PURPLE HAZEBy Breville PHEnjoy the perfect blend of purple into one glass of nutritious juice.
BLOODY MARY (COCKTAIL)By Breville PHSpice up spring time brunches with a classic cocktail combining fresh vegetables and piquant flavours.
GOOD MORNING SUNSHINEBy Breville PHThe combination of fresh fruits and vegetables in one juice will brighten up your morning.
COOL AS CUCUMBERBy Breville PHPacked with healthy ingredients with a touch of the sweet side.
BLUES BEETSBy Breville PHBoost your immune system with a nutrient packed and smooth blend of blueberries and beetroot.
ORANGE YOU HAPPYBy Breville PHTreat yourself to a healthy twist in an enjoyable summer smoothie.
GREEN ZINGERBy Breville PHThis smooth blend of leafy greens, citrus fruits and pop of ginger will leave you feeling revitalized and fresh after just one sip.
Cappuccino Creme BruleéBy Breville PHCombine two of our favorites in one cuppa: coffee & creme bruleé. WARNING: Suitable only for those who like their drink sugar-y and milky.
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