Puto Bumballs with Buttercream IcingBy Breville PHPutobumbong - one of the traditional christmas delicacies made with purple rice. It literally translates to steamed glutinous rice (puto) cooked in bamboo tubes (bumbong) traditionally served with margarine, shredded coconut and brown sugar. We came up with this Breville version of putobumbong to bring twist and elevate its flavor without the hassle of preparing it traditionally. With this recipe you don’t have to wait for Christmas season, you can make it in your kitchen whole year round!
Chicken Embutido with Sriracha sauceBy Breville PHA classic Filipino festive dish adopted from Spanish colonization. This is Filipino-style meatloaf mixed with aromatics, stuffed with egg and spices, steamed and lightly fried. This version is leaner but packed with protein, minced veggies making a symphony of flavors and mainstay to holiday gatherings.
Breville-lized Litson LiempoBy Breville PHLechon- one of the most popular dishes in the country, is a centerpiece of a celebratory meal prepared in all special occasions whole year round. Make this Breville-lized version of lechon-inspired belly roll and astound the guests with this roast to perfection dish. You’ll be surprised how it is crispy on the outside but tender and moist in the inside.
Avocado Potato SaladBy Breville PHWe define our salads as sexy, interesting and fun to eat. Potlucks will never be the same with this amazing potato salad with avocado topped with crispy bacon chips and alfalfa sprouts. Perfect for those on ketogenic diet who don’t want to miss the party.
CHEESECAKE CUPS IN STRAWBERRY COULISBy Breville PHDitch artificial and store-bought flavors. Go natural with this homemade cheesecake cups in strawberry coulis. Bursting with natural color and flavor, this recipe surely lighten up the mood in any party.
His and Her’s CoffeeBy Breville PHCoffee serves it purpose as another instrument to bond over endless conversations. For couples, you can always prepare your cups at home for more romance. Try our his-and-her coffee versions and let us know if it made your “us” time a lot better!
HONEY-CALAMANSI MARGARITA MOCKTAILBy Breville PHWant to skip the booze on a party? Go for mocktail instead. This super easy to make recipe will help you ring any celebration deliciously and healthily.
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