BUTTER WALNUT BLUEBERRY LOAFBy Breville PHWhen we ask about your favorite butter loaf, I’m sure you already have your usual go-to bakeshop in mind. Aside from being buttery, we’re glad to introduce our nutty and fruity flavor version of this classic with our choice of nuts and berry.
KESONG PUTI, SPINACH & TOMATO-BAKED PENNEBy Breville PHUsing locally-found ingredients will surely bring out familiar Filipino flavors in any dish. Our version of baked penne will take your food moment to another level with the use of kesong puti and home-grown spinach. You’ll never guess it’s meatless!
CRUMPET W/ BLUEBERRIES & CARAMEL SAUCEBy Breville PHCrumpets are popularly known as griddle cakes. Instead of serving and eating with butter, we decided to add fruity and sweet flavors to elevate this traditional British treats.
FUDGY ESPRESSO CRINKLESBy Breville PHCrinkles are classic for a reason. This fudgy-chocolate sugar coated cookie will take you to the next level. What's the secret? Espresso powder.
VEGGIE PIZZA ITALIANABy Breville PHPizza is the ultimate crowd-pleasing food, loved by all ages, even by vegetarians, vegans, and carnivores alike. If you're low on veg-friendly pizza topping ideas, we have you covered with this recipe.
GRILLED PINEAPPLE AND VEGGIE KEBABBy Breville PHFor the locals, it’s impossible to have a party without barbecue. Try our healthier version of kebab that’s packed with colors, flavors and nutrients. With freshly extracted chili-sesame oil on the side, surely this will be a big hit for kids-at-heart!
BUTTERED CALAMANSI ROSEMARY CHICKENBy Breville PHThis is our adaptation to the foreign lemon chicken recipe; instead of using lemon we used calamansi as the main component of the rub. Slightly sweeter than lime, calamansi flavor makes the chicken dish tangy and vibrant making it suitable for the Filipino palette.
CHEESECAKE CUPS IN STRAWBERRY COULISBy Breville PHDitch artificial and store-bought flavors. Go natural with this homemade cheesecake cups in strawberry coulis. Bursting with natural color and flavor, this recipe surely lighten up the mood in any party.
AU GRATIN BAY SCALLOPSBy Breville PHScallops are more than 80 percent protein. They're also a good source of both magnesium and potassium. Baked with cheese and butter, surely these bad boys will be devoured in no time.
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