HAZELNUT CREAM PUFFBy Breville PHThe foundation of perfect cream puff is light and airy pâte à choux. If you’ve ever found yourself making this pastry, you’ve come to the right page. The sweet, buttery flavors of hazelnut complements this creamy puff, making it a dessert buffet must-have!
CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIESBy Breville PHYour classic chocolate cookie has never been this good. Adding chocolate droplets creates more texture and chewiness to your dessert. Definitely something you’d get out of the jar for your sweet fix.
CARROT-PINEAPPLE CHEESECAKEBy Breville PHWho would’ve thought that carrots and pineapples in cheesecake will taste so heavenly? We’re quite surprised, too!
BUTTER WALNUT BLUEBERRY LOAFBy Breville PHWhen we ask about your favorite butter loaf, I’m sure you already have your usual go-to bakeshop in mind. Aside from being buttery, we’re glad to introduce our nutty and fruity flavor version of this classic with our choice of nuts and berry.
CRUMPET W/ BLUEBERRIES & CARAMEL SAUCEBy Breville PHCrumpets are popularly known as griddle cakes. Instead of serving and eating with butter, we decided to add fruity and sweet flavors to elevate this traditional British treats.
FUDGY ESPRESSO CRINKLESBy Breville PHCrinkles are classic for a reason. This fudgy-chocolate sugar coated cookie will take you to the next level. What's the secret? Espresso powder.
CHEESECAKE CUPS IN STRAWBERRY COULISBy Breville PHDitch artificial and store-bought flavors. Go natural with this homemade cheesecake cups in strawberry coulis. Bursting with natural color and flavor, this recipe surely lighten up the mood in any party.
AU GRATIN BAY SCALLOPSBy Breville PHScallops are more than 80 percent protein. They're also a good source of both magnesium and potassium. Baked with cheese and butter, surely these bad boys will be devoured in no time.
BLACK FOREST CAKEBy Breville PHBe prepared to forget your diet with this rich, dark chocolate cake layered with ganache, mousse, cream and cherries. Irresistibly delicious, this recipe is the one you need to keep on hand during cheat days.
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