Puto Bumballs with Buttercream IcingBy Breville PHPutobumbong - one of the traditional christmas delicacies made with purple rice. It literally translates to steamed glutinous rice (puto) cooked in bamboo tubes (bumbong) traditionally served with margarine, shredded coconut and brown sugar. We came up with this Breville version of putobumbong to bring twist and elevate its flavor without the hassle of preparing it traditionally. With this recipe you don’t have to wait for Christmas season, you can make it in your kitchen whole year round!
Bundt Fruit CakeBy Breville PHRich, fluffy, full of fragrance and a light crisp surface this fruitcake recipe is the best dessert gift you can give this holiday. Jazzed up with rum and butter, this symbolic cake will shine on the dinner tables and turn the taste buds of even the most skeptical holiday guest. Whether you pair it with coffee, tea or wine, it’s best eaten when shared.
STRAWBERRY BROWNIE CHEESECAKE BARBy Breville PHIf you can’t decide between a cheesecake and a brownie for dessert, just remember that you can have both. This chewy chocolatey brownie topped with strawberry-swirled cheesecake is just pure heaven to end your cravings.
RASPBERRY ROLL CAKEBy Breville PHThis incredibly light roll cake is such a beautiful dessert, perfect for an impressive holiday or entertaining menu. The sweet, creamy and rosy flavors from raspberry makes it fancy and really tasty.
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