Cappuccino Creme BruleéBy Breville PHCombine two of our favorites in one cuppa: coffee & creme bruleé. WARNING: Suitable only for those who like their drink sugar-y and milky.
CLASSIC MOCHABy Breville PHA classic way to enjoy chocolates and coffee. The sweet cocoa taste from chocolates partnered with bitter-sweet tasting espresso makes this an everyday favorite.
RED VELVET MOCHABy Breville PHThe creamy taste of milk, partnered with the sweet and rosy undertone of raspberry make this cup velvety. Adding the strong, smooth flavor of espresso will surely make this your favorite cup for the day!
His and Her’s CoffeeBy Breville PHCoffee serves it purpose as another instrument to bond over endless conversations. For couples, you can always prepare your cups at home for more romance. Try our his-and-her coffee versions and let us know if it made your “us” time a lot better!
Spiced Irish CoffeeBy Breville PHAdd spice in your everyday caffeine fix to make it extra special. The nutty flavor of cinnamon and caramely, nutty taste of irish cream creates an exquisite flavor to your coffee. Hot or iced? That’s definitely up to you!
SPARKLING VANILLA AMERICANOBy Breville PHLet your coffee sparkle! A salty and sour sparkling water, added with the sweet tasting vanilla into your coffee makes a refreshing caffeine fix. Definitely, a creative way to enjoy your favorite Americano.
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