Strawberry Basil TuronBy Chef ChadTuron is a popular afternoon treat usually made of ripe bananas wrapped in lumpia wrapper. It is best to incorporate with a sturdier base like strawberries.
Roasted Lyonnaise PotatoesBy Chef ChadThis is your go-to recipe if you’re craving a fancy side dish that’s simple to make. A few ingredients are all you need and with your handy Smart Oven Air Fryer then you’re good to go.
Lechon Belly Kare-KareBy Chef ChadGet the crispy and juicy meat of lechon belly and the delectably nutty sauce of Kare-kare.
Kesong Puti SticksBy Chef ChadIt is essentially fresh buffalo mozzarella but more tart and soft than any other cheese. You can now enjoy this Filipino white cheese recipe with a twist.
Fish and Camote ChipsBy Chef ChadA sudden craving for fish and chips? This Air-fried Fish and Sweet Potato Chips is a must try - an exceptionally delicious and good for us too! This complete meal delivers a healthy alternative with every bite.
Chicken ParmesanBy Chef ChadThe best chicken parmesan with a deliciously crispy coating, smothered in a rich homemade tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese!
Air Fried Pork Tonkatsu with Homemade Katsu sauceBy Chef ChadThis juicy and tender boneless pork cutlets wrapped in a crispy layer of breadcrumbs with a sweet and savory Katsu Sauce on the side will make this recipe an easy dish to fall in love with.
Air Fried Beef EmpanadaBy Chef ChadPuff pastry is wrapped around nicely seasoned ground beef and then cooked in the Smart Oven Air Fryer, creating the crispiest empanadas you'll ever have.
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